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In 2012, after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies and English,

Tareq Branney created Howie Shoot Pictures.


For the next five years, Tareq gained practical video and editing experience under the "Howie Shoot" banner, working with charities and not-for-profit organisations. He also mastered communications and writing skills while employed as Communications Coordinator for The Wellington City Mission.


As is the nature of working for a charity, he had a responsibility to deliver quality marketing and fundraising material, in fast-moving conditions.


But Howie Shoot Pictures demanded more time and attention to meet the high standards that Tareq had learnt to strive for. So in 2016, Tareq stepped back from his role at The Mission to dedicate more time to developing the business.

Howie Shoot was created by Tareq Branney, a trained

filmmaker and copywriter.


When you work with Howie Shoot, you'll work directly with him

to achieve your vision.


Howie Shoot has since established itself as an effective, reliable and professional marketing partner for Wellington businesses - with the majority of its work coming from return customers, and word of mouth. We've worked with businesses and organisations of all sizes, and across industries - from tradies to professional services.


What started as purely a video production service has expanded to include a wider set of capabilities, and talented staff.


Alongside our complete video and writing services, we're now offering 2D/3D motion graphics, photography, drone/aerial footage, consulting for schools' media/AV rooms, and professional development services - all in one place.


What will always remain constant though, is approaching every project with our key purpose at the forefront: Giving our customers convincing, attractive, compelling, and affordable creative content that will echo and solidify their brand, culture, and vision!