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Tell the media about your latest news, or professional

opinion on a news topic.


We write media releases, take key photos, and

send them to our media list.

- Carry out sit-down interview to figure out newsworthy angles, and gather information


- Write media release, and recieve any feedback


- Send to general media outlets, and chase up

We are experienced in writing newsworthy media releases for your business. We will come up with a strategy that will be more likely to appeal to news outlets.


We can also provide accompanying photo options. These increase your chances of being picked up by news media, and having a photo published. It also gives you professional photos to use on your website, Facebook, and LinkedIn!


Below are two media release options.

All of the basic media release services listed, plus:


- A few staged photographs, colour graded, and supplied to both you and media outlets, ready for use.


- Targeted media strategies are also available, whenever required.

We'll write your media release, take a few photo options to use, then send it out!

About Howie Shoot

Howie Shoot is a Wellington-based business, specialising in creating marketing material. It’s run by Tareq Branney - trained and experienced in video production and copywriting. You’ll always work directly with Tareq, to assure quality personal service and results.


We’ve written copy, taken photos, and created videos for trades to professional services and not-for-profits. We believe that professional marketing material should be accessible for businesses of all sizes, and love seeing local businesses thrive.

Once we discuss your story, we'll come up with an angle, carry out an interview together and take photos, then we'll do the rest!



Contact us now to find out about our

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Get us to write your media release,

and then send it out!

Talk to us if you want a collection of photos or videos for your website and social media while we're there too!